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Philadelphia and NY City 2017

In March 2017 the Forum visited Philadelphia and New York City. The economy of the USA is the largest in the world by nominal GDP, the second largest by purchasing power parity (China #1) and is the world's largest developed economy. GDP per capita $56,116 (UK $43,876) & GDP is $18.036 trillion (UK $2.858 trillion) World…
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Tokyo and Kyoto 2016

Tokyo & Kyoto 2016 In March 2016 the Forum visited Tokyo and Kyoto, 5 years after the first visit. Japan is the world’s second largest Convenience market after the USA and the top market for product and technology innovation. The Japanese convenience retail business model is a franchise model: 95% of stores in the top…
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Boston and Chicago 2015

Retail Leaders Forum -Boston & Chicago 2015 We expanded the reach of the forum in 2015 to bring in important retailers on the ‘frame’ of Convenience: Walgreens, Walmart and WholeFoods Market. The big themes from the visit were: 1. Sector blurring. Market leaders Walgreens & Walmart are moving from the periphery of Convenience to the…
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Hong Kong and Seoul 2014

Retail Leaders Forum - Hong Kong & Seoul 2014 Leaders from Boots, Sainsbury’s and Tesco joined the Forum for the trip to Hong Kong and Seoul. The forum now included Drug retailers in recognition of the channel blurring of Convenience, Drug, Health & Beauty and Food retailers. Hong Kong and Seoul are two of the…
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